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High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine

High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine

Model: JBZ-12H


1. Reliability
Our JBZ-12H middle speed paper cup forming machine appears with high   performance, high efficiency and high quality. Outfitted with integrated   steel plate machine body and oil spraying lubrication system, our paper   cup machine keeps long-term normal and steady operation.

2. High efficiency and energy conservation
 Advanced high-precision cylindrical cam driving unit with gear drive   system ensures precise forming at every station. Servo tracking system  for bottom paper feeding fixes the size of bottom paper to save raw   materials effectively.

3. Foreign technology and domestic manufacture
 The cup bottom is processed by Switzerland Leister heating system   through 2 steps flameless heating. Moreover, every production procedure  is detected by Japan Omron photoelectric device and will be reported.

4. User-friendly design
 Under the control of PLC system through human-computer interface, our  middle speed paper cup forming machine keeps long term stable operation.   Manual operation can be replaced by automatic paper cup counting and   collecting table with appropriate setting.

High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine Machine Structure

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
1.Paper holder2.Paper fan preheating3.Ultrasonic4.Cup pipe
5.Cup turnplate6.Bottom punching7.Bottom paper preheating 18.Bottom paper preheating 2
9.Bottoman paper folding10.Bottom knurling11.Cup curling12.Top curling 1
13.Top curling 214.Cop output15.Bottom feeding 116.Bottom feeding 2

High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine Main Advantages:

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Fine grinding machine body, first-step hot air heating system and Unique welding head design make sure the stabile, fast and long-term machine running.Different from traditional iron mould, our machine is using aluminum alloy moulds, more durable, and no pollution to the cups.  Two Leister heaters are used for cup bottom sealing, highly increase the heating effect and ensure the good quality of knurling.
The whole cup producing process is detected by photoelectric detectors. They will stop the machine once any problem happens.  Double knurling system ensures you can get really nice and good quality cups.Siemens brand PLC control system, good quality and excellent performance.  

High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine Specification

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Cup size6~16oz, (Outer diameter of cup rabbet 60~100mm, Outer diameter of cup bottom 50~70mm, Cup height 60~135mm, Bottom depth 5~10mm)
Rated power90-120pcs/min
Total power19KW
Actual power10.5KW
Air Pressure0.6m3/min;0.6MPa(provided by customer)
Applicable raw paper190~350g/m2 (single/double-sided PE coated paper)
Machine weight3800Kg
Machine packing size2700×1500×1800mm
Collector packing size1150×850×1800mm

Note: The thickness of paper's PE coating should not less than 15g/m2

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